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Hello all Ladies going through IVF treatment. I would like to save you all the time and trouble of calling the 18669890078 number or emailing the address below.

Do not even waste your breath looking at their website or contacting them. They do no deserve the money and time from any IVF patients. I will lay out my experience here because I am an IVF patient myself and I understand exactly what we have to go through for the entire treatment. I am not the type who will go out of my way to write an actual review but this time I had to because of the extremely terrible phone call I had with a man called Jason from IVF I doubt that was even his real name (the email from Jason had no last name in it) .

I had already sent my prescription to and needed to clarify a few things before making any payments so I decided to call them. The man who answered the phone said I am Jason, there was music in the background. All I wanted from the phone call was to ensure that the medication being sent to me would be exactly what was prescribed by my Fertility specialist. Instead the man called Jason continuously yelled at my on the phone for over 15 mins.

I was extremely polite and calm with him over the phone (been working in customer service in Canada for over 15 years). The man screamed and said "i RECEIVE OVER 70 CALLS PER DAYS FROM MANY CUSTOMERS, DO YOU THINK YOU CALL IS THE ONLY ONE FOR ME? HE ALSO SAID i RECEIVE WAY MORE IMPORTANT CALLS THAN CALLS LIKE YOURS. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ABOUT MENOPUR AND THE VIALS.

GO ASK YOUR NURSE WHAT YOU NEED AND WHAT TO DO WITH THE MEDICINE WHEN YOU GET IT" I wish i could have recorded the entire phone call and been able to share it with all the women going through IVF treatment so they do not waste their hard earned money or time contacting IVF I even asked the man politely "Are we not allowed to call your 1866 number to ask questions before placing an order? The quote to purchase 60 vials of Menopur was over $2000 so did I not have the right to call and make sure I was paying for the right quantity? After all we are paying thousands of dollars for the medicine and we are a paying customers. He yelled again and said go and purchase it from your store next door if you do not trust what we are selling.

Anyways I have left their website and phone number below. If any of you ladies have experienced the same then please share or call the guy yourself and you will know what I mean. Take our money somewhere else they don't deserve our business. We are IVF patients but we are also a customer that is willing to pay thousands of dollars so we can give life.

I guarantee your company will shut down in no time given the kind of attitude you have towards high paying customers. Jason Prescriptions 866-989-0078

Review about: Ivf Prescriptions Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Jason Peterson is Jais Perets the only person in this apartment ran pharmacy.


This customer is NOT a customer. This is a competitor by the name of ivfmeds who is defame with the hope to get more customers.

That is very nasty and not professional.

Ivfprescriptions is a legitimate pharmacy that does NOT sell Generics. Sells only FDA approved medications.

IVfmeds sells generics NOT approved by the FDA and ILLEGAL in the USA.

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